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Article Anjou Eco Maison Joliette

Radio G Topette! - 02.02.2023

Le magazine économique de la CCI de Maine et Loire

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Article magazine Respire Maison Joliette

Magazine Respire - Edition n°40 - Août/Septembre 2023

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Radio G Topette ! - 02.02.2023

Une envie de faire des puzzles écoresponsables et solidaires ?
Fabienne va nous expliquer son concept et son aventure pour concevoir son
pépite store : Maison Joliette.

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AirZen Radio - 07.02.2023

"Farewell kittens and castles in Bavaria", if we are to believe Fabienne Lucas. In Brissac, near Angers (Maine-et-Loire), the young 35-year-old entrepreneur is taking on a new challenge: offering modern puzzles with Maison Joliette .

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CCI Maine et Loire - 16.01.2023

Maison Joliette, new brand of puzzles Based in Brissac-Quincé, Maison Joliette intends to dust off the world of puzzles. Farewell to kittens and castles in Bavaria, make way for modern and colorful graphics. The first model will be officially released in March 2023. It is called “Multitude” and celebrates women. For each sale, 1% will be donated to an association helping women victims of violence. A campaign on Ulule has been launched and will end on Friday, February 17, 2023. It takes two forms: pre-sales to order the first models of puzzles exclusively, or crowdfunding in the form of a donation. The objective is to collect at least €4,500 to be able to start the project and finance the first production.

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Article Ouest France Maison Joliette

West France - 11.01.2023

For Fabienne Lucas, a graphic designer for more than fifteen years, gaming has become a serious business that fills her days at her home in Brissac-Loire-Aubance ( Maine-et-Loire ), where she has transformed part of the house into a puzzle creation workshop. A universe that she wants to dust off: “Kittens, castles in Bavaria have their followers. Me, I want to speak to those who are sensitive to the new colorful graphics. Bringing modernism to a puzzle game that originated at the end of the 18th century. » .....

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