Qui suis-je ?

Who am I ?

Let's start by putting a head to a name, here I am! 😊

My name is Fabienne, I just celebrated my 35th birthday. I am married and have two children, Arthur and Zoé. ❤ I have 15 years of experience as a communication officer and graphic designer. I live in Maine et Loire (49) near Angers in a magnificent old house that we have renovated (good, almost renovated, the work is never finished in fact...).

From a very young age, I have loved hobbies. creative: making jewelry, decorative objects, coloring (especially floral mandalas), testing all sorts of new DIY techniques... I like colors, almost all of them, I admit I'm not a very big fan of purple but I am taking care of myself (there is even proof on this first puzzle 🧩 ). I like the patterns, often floral but not only.

I love cheese and chocolate (not together!). I never drink alcohol but I still know how to have fun!! 🎉 Serve me a clementine juice and I'm the happiest in the world! I don't like coffee and tea, I'm a child, chocolate team! The best, the Poulain with cold milk, the one that doesn't dissolve. On the other hand, a little pro advice, don't breathe when taking a sip, you risk suffocating #dejafait ... Team jeans basket in winter and skirt and dress in summer. In general, no make-up and no hair, nature painting!

I am rather reserved to see wild when I do not know. I often need recognition and I'm always afraid of not getting it. In general I don't have too much self-confidence but I strongly believe in my ideas and my projects. A little weird and contradictory all that! I'm hyper everything... Hypersensitive, hyper-empathetic, hyperactive... I rarely do things by halves and my life is made of roller coaster, a blow all the way down, a blow all the way up. I'm trying to level the mountains a bit so it's a bit more livable on a day-to-day basis 🏔

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